A Story Telling Event with Kyra Higgins – Jettie Baker Center – Clintwood

A unique storytelling experience comes to The Jettie on Wednesday, August 7 at 7pm. We are excited to welcome East Kentucky native, Kyra Higgins is a native storyteller who believes storytelling can be a visual, auditory, physical, collective or individual effort to express life experienced. Kyra never tells a story alone. The audience becomes part of the making of each story. She will have charted out a cast of characters and plots but it’s up to the audience to fill in the blanks and make live choices to make it to the end of the telling.
Come experience the power in collective storytelling! Kyra Higgins wants to invite you to her next collective story experience. What will your story be? Come join and find out!


Aug 07 2024


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Jettie Baker Center
Jettie Baker Center
348 Clintwood Main Street, Clintwood, VA, United States, Virginia, 24228

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