CF Bailey & Shadow Ridge with Zach Wiles LIVE at Lee Theatre – Pennington Gap

Nov 11 2023
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Lee Theatre
Lee Theatre
41676 W Morgan Ave, Pennington Gap, VA,
On November 11th, come on out for some good ol’ fashioned gospel bluegrass with CF Bailey and Shadow Ridge!
Formed in 2001, this four-piece band from East Tennessee specializes in solid, spirited, hard-driving traditional and gospel bluegrass with some powerful vocal harmonies that are second to none. As an established and credible band located around the Knoxville, Tn. area, they have been playing shows and festivals all over the country and making a name for themselves locally and abroad.
They have enjoyed their success by sticking to traditional bluegrass but with just enough modern sound to make it truly “pleasing to the ear music.” They like to do a lot of the old classic bluegrass songs that deserve to be heard again by today’s audiences, but in their style. They also have some great new songs that are gaining popularity.
They are always a crowd favorite everywhere they go because they are a high energy, creative, and professional band with an entertaining show, with a loyal following of fans that travel near and far to see them.
Accompanying them is Zach Wiles!
Zach Wiles, a proud native of Southwest Virginia, was born and raised in Lee County. Although still in his mid-20s, he is an old soul who has drawn much of strength of character from older generations in the area. A great deal of his current identity took shape in his teen years. It was then that he developed his love for the outdoors, for history, and for bluegrass music. Zach’s zest for music launched him on what has become a life-long obsession of collecting 45 rpm vinyl records, 8-track and cassette tapes, and long play albums. From his elders, he has mined countless stories – ones that you won’t find in the history books – that helped shape his understanding of the music and the area that he calls home. Zach lights up the airwaves with Bluegrass in the Backwoods on 105.5 WSWV every Wednesday and Thursday evening from 6:00 PM until midnight.
Show will be $10 admission, 7:00 PM, doors open at 6:00.

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