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Big Stone Gap Visitor Center
306 Wood Ave E. Big Stone Gap, VA 24219


TBD, 2023


Imagine you and a partner racing around to 20 undisclosed locations in downtown Big Stone Gap. At each location you face a challenge. Will it be physical or mental, skill or will, fun or frustrating? The only way to get your next location is to complete your current challenge! Other teams are out there doing the same, but are they ahead or behind?
Do you have what it take to bring home the BIG TROPHY and title BEST OF THE BEST in the AMAZING RACE?
Guaranteed the most fun you will have with a race this year!

Two person teams solve clues, find locations, complete challenges, and race through Big Stone Gap to cross the finish line. Part brains, part brawn – BIG FUN !

We have had several people asking about what kind of challenges you can expect for The Amazing Race…. While we cannot disclose any routes or locations, we can give you 2 examples of the challenges.
Challenge #7: Team member 1 is blind folded and sat down to a table with all the fixing of a hamburger. Team member 2 sits 10 feet away with instruction on how to construct a specific hamburger in detail. It is up to team member 2 to guide their blindfolder partner in to the construction of the burger. BE WARNED! If you get it wrong, you must share the burden of eating the mistake! You have 10 minutes!
Challenge # 12: The Team members sit back-to-back. Team member 1 has a small completed Lego construction while team member 2 has a pile of Legos. They must describe and instruct one another to get a duplicate of the finished Lego without looking! You have 10 minutes to complete!


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