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Marco and Erica from London are our elected worldwide Ambassadors. They are the founders, CEOs, and producers of Britalians TV, the world’s first interview-centric television channel in London, UK.

They are passionate about connecting with people and believe that diplomacy and positive mental health are essential to creating a better future, and that these are assets for any town that wants to be a force for good in the world.

As worldwide Ambassadors, they will represent Big Stone Gap around the globe and will work with the town Council to create a prosperous and sustainable future for Big Stone Gap fostering creativity and innovation. They are excited to share their expertise with the town and confident they will make a positive impact.

“Human connection is essential to our lives. We have seen how people from different backgrounds can come together and work towards a common goal. We will create a network of diplomatic connections where common grounds will grow a positive mental health, strong relationships and local economies. This network will become a magnet for individuals across the world from every sector and possibilities for creating are illimitable.
We are ready to work hard to make this vision a reality fostering trust and cooperation, increasing trade, investment, building relationships, sharing ideas, and finding those common grounds. We will provide a network for communication and trade between Big Stone Gap and Towns and Cities across the USA and the rest of the world forging relationships and partnerships.” 

Marco and Erica

In December 2022, Marco and Erica arrived in Big Stone Gap. They filmed non-stop, spent Christmas Eve with local families, sang, danced, ate at the town’s restaurants, met and talked to everyone from lifelong residents to recent transplants. Big Stone Gap quickly won them over with its people, vibrant culture, old-fashioned charm and stunning natural beauty. By the time they left, Big Stone Gap had captured their hearts and souls.

“A place with a strong sense of community is a rare and precious thing to find. It is a place where people feel connected to each other and to their surroundings, where people are willing to help each other out and where everyone feels welcome. It is a place where people can be themselves and feel loved, safe and supported. Everyone deserves to live in a place with a strong sense of community, where people can thrive, reach their full potential and make a difference in the world. Big Stone Gap is one of these places and these are the kind of places we want to see thrive around the world. We are honoured to take on the role of worldwide Ambassadors for the Town.” 

Marco and Erica


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