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Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, my husband Lucas and I founded Shortt Family Farms to bring the magic of homesteading to life and advocate sustainable living. Our journey is a deliberate return to a simpler way of life, seamlessly integrating farming, freeze-drying, canning and a commitment to self-sufficiency.

Indulge your sweet tooth at our Freeze-Dried Delights business, where sugary treats and preserved nature’s bounty harmoniously unite. Our passion for freeze drying extends beyond treats to a vision of longevity. Imagine savoring the essence of sun-ripened veggies and fruits even two decades later or sharing one of your Grandmothers priceless tomatoes with a great grandchild. Shortt Family Farms is our celebration of life, promoting the joys of growing, processing, and preserving food. As advocates for sustainability, our farm is a resource for canning, butchering, gardening, and food preservation.

Follow our journey and please reach out if you need guidance on the sustainable lifestyle.


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