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Brandi Cox is an Eastern Kentucky native residing in Wise, Virginia, with her husband and two children. Her love of community led her and her business partners to open two successful businesses in Wise; she believes volunteering and giving back to the community is paramount to growth and prosperity. She is an active member of the Wise County City of Norton Chamber, the Wise Business Association, the Wise Fall Fling Committee, and the Town of Wise Economic Development Authority. Her memoir, In Better Hands: An Appalachian Memoir of Healing and Grace, is one of sorrow and love- one of sadness and inspiration. The details of her life may differ from others, but the emotional scars and baggage are relatable. She desires to encourage others that it is possible to overcome childhood trauma and break generational curses. It is never too late to achieve your goals. The paperback and Kindle versions are available on Amazon at: Website is: Facebook Page:


In Better Hands: An Appalachian Memoir of Healing and Grace

Heal from trauma and break the generational curses holding you back from living your best life.

Brandi Cox experienced a childhood disrupted by loss. Traumatized by her parent’s abandonment and her father’s addiction and suicide, she searched for an escape from the pain—and nearly lost sight of all the miraculous possibilities awaiting her.

A true story of sorrow, growth, and understanding, In Better Hands shares an inspiring journey to find peace after abandonment, adoption, and grief. With this memoir to guide the way, liberate yourself from the trauma in your past and break the generational curses holding you back from living your best life.

You’ll discover:

  • An illuminating look inside one family’s strength, survival, and resilience after trauma.
  • How to focus on love, not abandonment, to make peace with unanswered questions, childhood emotional neglect, and complex parenting relationships.
  • Why hurt people hurt people—and how to empathize and move forward when a loved one hurts you.
  • Practical ways to transform toxic self-doubt from childhood anxiety into fuel for achieving your goals.
  • How to find the community for the support you need to thrive without co-dependency.

You’re not held hostage by your history, your family, or their mistakes. It’s time to take the first steps toward healing and reclaim your power from your past. The emotional scars of a painful childhood will always be a part of you—but they don’t have to define you. Heal from your past and discover a future full of promise with In Better Hands.

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