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John W. Peace II, an Appalachian-based storyteller with a love of mountain folklore and tales from the backwoods of our nation that are both intriguing and highly entertaining. On the cover of ‘The Keokee Triangle’ he wears this Tennessee hat as a nod to Bill Dance, the most famous bass fisherman in the South, who is beloved by him and the characters in this book. Make no mistake tho, his heart is with his Virginia Tech Hokies. Go Hokies!

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A Boy From Crackers Neck

AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON! Newly Released: A Boy From Crackers Neck brings to life the tales of a Bomber Pilot in WWII and the small town he came from, with a Foreword by Bestselling Author Adriana Trigiani who writes,

Growing up on a dairy farm, John W. Peace II spent nearly all his time right beside his Papaw, Jimmie Galloway, the Captain of a B-17 bomber crew that flew enough missions to obtain membership in the Lucky Bastard Club (completing no fewer than 30 missions). As they milked the Holsteins, John heard the stories of life in their small coal mining town before, during, and after World War II. Blessed with the same storytelling talent as his Papaw, John Peace has masterfully compiled the entertaining and important stories he was told in A Boy from Crackers Neck.

The title is intended to introduce the small community Captain Jimmie Galloway grew up in, located in Virginia where the coal industry was booming but everyday life was slow and impoverished. It is a story about all those in his Papaw’s life… family, friends, and comrades… whose experiences capture the essence of existence from a time when life was so harsh, it seemed to have no value, yet these are the stories that make us who we are today!

John Peace wrote this book from the stories he frequently heard by the members of the Greatest Generation. John says, “Whenever they started telling a story, it never occurred to me to interrupt and say, ‘You’ve told me this before.’ I was always mesmerized, just like someone watching a favorite movie or listening to a beloved song many times over.” Hearing these stories was comforting as John found himself transported to a different time and era. John says, “The men who shared these stories loved telling and hearing them as much as this current generation enjoys their social media on their phones.”

John Peace heard the stories he shares in A Boy from Crackers Neck so many times, he wrote them in a way that takes you there as if you are witnessing the events in real-time. John says, “Although I had to use some imagination to describe these experiences as if I was there, these stories were told so vividly, and so often, I assure you, everything you are reading is true to what I was told!”

In this book, you will meet many colorful and fascinating people including Papaw Jimmie’s parents, brothers, schoolmates, neighbors, and fellow veterans. Throughout many of the chapters, John provides additional details and information in grey-shaded boxes that expand the story into the present. You will be entertained, educated, and much wiser as you take the opportunity to meet the Boy from Crackers Neck!

The Keokee Triangle

The Keokee Triangle is an Enthralling Crime Story Set Against the Backdrop of a Coal Mining Town
“With the spirit of the award-winning ‘Justified,’ you might not escape Harlan alive, but across the mountain in Virginia, you’ll be rooting for the dashing ‘Robin Hood’, Mitch Swinney.”

In the heart of Big Stone Gap, a small town with a big secret, FBI Agent Debra Dellon finds herself tangled in a web of mysteries, lies, and unexpected connections. When she arrives at The Trail Motel searching for answers to a high-stakes theft, she encounters an enigmatic cast of characters including the charming local football hero and coal miner, Mitch Swinney.

As she delves deeper into the investigation, Debra discovers the town and its people are not as simple as they seem. Forced to take on the “Keokee Triangle case” and travel from the city to the bizarre backwoods of an Appalachian crime scene, at first, she begrudgingly navigates the web of conspiracy, secrets, and unexpected alliances. Soon, Debra meets and comes to know the town’s colorful characters, like Kelli Tipton, the vivacious girlfriend of the likable outlaw and prime suspect, Johnny Frazier, as well as the local law enforcement, who send her head spinning as twists and turns continue to mount in the to the investigation.

Balancing professional duty and personal intrigue, Debra confronts the truth about the “larger than life” suspects and their hidden stories. As she peels back the layers of deception, she realizes that even the most innocent-looking faces can harbor deep secrets.

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