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Mary Day was born and raised in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. She spent her early days developing a deep love and affection for nature and God in a coal camp called Dunbar, on the outskirts of Appalachia. Although she and her husband Paul have called many places home, the mountains of Virginia have always been where her heart was. It was her love for Virginia that spurred her forward in taking on the Virginia portion of the Appalachian Trail, which ultimately lead to her very first published work. The book is titled “I kind of Did a Thing on the Appalachian Trail,” a title Mary openly admits came to her while pondering the absurd idea of writing about that journey. She currently resides in Southwest Virginia with her husband and their slew of pets.

Mary Day
I Kind of Dad a Thing on the Appalachian Trail


Mary Day

Mary takes on an adventure of a lifetime as she sets out to hike the Virginia portion of the Appalachian Trail. She gets more than she bargained for as she is forced to adapt and overcome physical, mental, and emotional challenges. She is accompanied by friends and family who add fun and change to the journey. You’ll laugh and cry as this beautiful disaster unfolds.


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