Spring is in the air and Big Stone Gap is bursting at the seems with blooms, green leaves, and beautiful venues! Come down and enjoy all that nature has to offer in our parks, trails, and hidden gems!                                                                                                                                                      The Easter Bunny is hopping down to Bullitt Park where he will hide over 12,000 eggs for all the kids! Some of the eggs are special GOLDEN eggs that contain amazing prizes! Don’t miss out, Saturday April 1st!                                                                                                                                                                         A Town Permit is no longer required to access Big Cherry! Get out and visit today!

Adam Patterson

About The Author

Adam Patterson was born, the eldest of three sons, in the small town of Big Stone Gap, Virginia, to parents who will soon celebrate 59 years of marriage. His father (Johnny) taught him to be honest, loyal and hard working and his mother (Flora) taught him that no one was better than he and that he was no better than anyone else. They also taught him to love and how to be loved.

At the tender age of 19 he moved away to the big city to search for himself (with a strong foundation) and to explore what life had to offer. After 25 years of living, loving, learning and earning he moved back to small town America to help out the family.

To keep him from going insane from the abrupt, uprooting, unnerving change his mother suggested he write that book he’d always talked about.

So he did just that, and has been writing since…

Published works

The White Sands Trilogy : Volume I

A Different Kind of Love Triangle


Adam Patterson

In this trilogy’s first installment, you meet: 

ALEXANDER VANDIVEER, the sole heir to a mega-fortune whose superfast life lived in the superfast lane keep him teetering perilously close to the edge. 
ANDREA SORCOSI, a beauty of unknown origins who skyrockets to the top of the modeling industry. But a well-kept secret could destroy the life she has meticulously cultivated. 
DUSTIN MARLER, an all-American, boy-next-door, born on the wrong side of town who innocently finds himself immersed in a world he’d never even dreamed existed. Throw a cutter, a rambunctious redneck and a prima donna debutante into the mix (not to mention a transsexual pop star), and you’ve got a tale of a group of friends struggling desperately to make the most of their messy, privileged, out-of-control lives.

The White Sands Trilogy : Volume II

A Different Kind of Friendship


Adam Patterson

After a night of romance, Dustin Marler finally has it all; or does he?
Andrea Sorcosi, supermodel extraordinaire (and the love of his life) shares her affections with him and Alexander Vandiveer, a self-destructive superstar who happens to be Dusty’s best friend–and perhaps something else.
Together Alex and Andrea prepare to launch Dusty into fame and fortune, while the web that entangles them becomes more and more complicated. As they struggle to make sense of their different kind of friendship, secrets from the past threaten to upset the fragile balance they’ve created, leaving them teetering closer to the edge.



The Last Artichoke


Mr. Adam Patterson & Sydney

A children’s book detailing how The Triplets help Grandpa solve the mystery of the missing artichoke!

The REAL Big Stone Gap


Adam Patterson

Big Stone Gap is your typical All American small town complete with charming neighborhoods, scenic views and a rampant meth epidemic… Adam Patterson is a writer who grew up in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, a tiny town nestled in the foothills of Cumberland Mountain (a picturesque region known as Little Stone Mountain) durning the 1970’s.Black, gay and introverted, he fled at nineteen to Atlanta, Georgia to find himself. After twenty-five years of learning, laughing and loving he returned home to help his aging parents. Struggling to fit in, where he never did, leads him to find his place among the misfits. This is the story of a few.

MARY LYNN: The REAL Big Stone Gap “….you only need a mustard seed of faith….”


Mr. Adam Patterson

It’s been said everyone knows everyone else in Small-town America. This used to be a good thing, but things always change. Now the knowing comes with labels. You know, the kind the good upstanding Christian citizens can look down on and therefore, feel better about themselves.Big Stone Gap is one of those towns and Mary Lynn, one subjected to labels of the most degrading kind. Her story is known, as stories are in quaint picturesque communities, via the rumor mill.However, beneath the stares, glares and pointing fingers, lies the truth.