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Trip 4 – The Big Stone Gap Photography Trip

No matter if you are a novice/hobbyist photographer or a full time Instagram Influencer, Big Stone Gap offers some of the best photo opportunities in all of SW Virginia.

There are so many unique, historic, and whimsical sites in Big Stone Gap that make it the perfect photographers destination. While it would be impossible to list all the amazing and beautiful spots Big Stone Gap presents, here are a few of the most notable ones. See if you can capture them all!

The Historic Interstate 101 Train Car makes for a beautiful background for any picture or selfie seeker. The view from the back deck is also amazing as it looks over Bullitt Park, Historic Downtown, and give an awesome view of the mountain range!

The Southwest Virginia Museum has amazing gardens and structures that are sure to please even the pickiest photo seeker. The structure offers some of the best picturesque scenes both inside and out!


The Powell River Trout Mural located under the bridge of Frog Level Park is beautiful and whimsical offering a great background for any selfie or a great feature photo.

Benjamin Moore Paint mural, located at Allen’s Flooring & Paint has a lot of character and offers a larger-than-life backdrop for anybody looking for the unusual.

Vintage Coca-Cola mural. Lovingly restored, this mural has been part of Big Stone Gap for decades. Located on the side of Sisterly Chic Boutique, it’s a great spot for fans of Coca-Cola or vintage art seekers.

You will find our logo at our Downtown Municipal Complex inside the lobby! Larger than life and sporting our new logo in our rolling mountains and sunset! A great backdrop for any Big Stone Gap Visitor or Photographer.

One of our newest murals resides right outside the Big Stone Gap Visitor Center and depicts a great map showing where you are at ….where Virginia begins!

Come and visit the State Record Black Bear at the Big Stone Gap Visitor Center. “Big Stoney” as he has been named was 794 lbs. Come and hear the harrowing story about how a local lady and Big Stoney came to be!

Wood Wizards of Jessie Lea RV Park & Campgrounds. Located throughout the campgrounds, you will find wooden wizards carved right into the living trees! Selfie seekers come from all over to get a picture standing beside one of the intricately carved faces recessed into the wood.

A.K Fraley Park offers a feast of photo features such as the suspension bridge over the river, trees that have grown into odd shapes and around other long-gone structures, a bamboo forest on one shore, stacked stone walls, and the ever-present group of highly photogenic ducks and geese!

Miners Park is home to the Miner Statue who has worn various shirts and costumes over the years. He has been the subject of many photographs and selfies over the decades he has stood watch over the park.

The John Fox Jr. Museum and grounds offer beautiful scenery for any landscape shot. Especially in spring and summer.

The Tower Cross overlooking Archery Range Park. Many find comfort in the ever-present glow of the cross at night. Often photographed by those with great telephoto equipment.

The Historic Episcopal Church located at 106 Clinton Ave is one of the most beautiful spots in Big Stone Gap. The historic church, established in 1890, is always decked out for every season and occasion. An absolute hidden gem you must not miss with your camera.

GoodTimes Coal Fired Pizza & Pub. This is the former home of the local newspaper The Post. It has now been converted into a coal fire pizza place that offers craft bears, vintage cocktails, home crafts from local artisans and live music 5 nights a week. GoodTimes’s décor offers a blast from the past with so many antique printing machines and presses that are still present. The building itself is an incredible homage to the town’s history.

Harry W. Meador Jr. Coal Museum offers some great photo opportunities with the large coal equipment still parked on the grounds. Pictures beg to be taken inside and out of the historic landmark.

The June Tolliver House offers a hot spot of photogenic opportunities. The House itself is a window to the past, full of antiques and artwork. Next door you will find The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Outdoor Drama. Directly next to the June Tolliver House, you will find another little hidden gem, The Duff Academy/Gazebo/Powell River Overlook. The small school house and gazebo that are absolutely begging for photos. There is also a small scenic overlook with benches that have a commanding view of the Powell River.

The Old Tri-State Bus Depot is a trip down memory lane into the 1940’s era. This old bus station was where many young men went off to fight in the big war. The structure is unique and a great conversation piece to any photo album.

The C Bascom Slemp Federal Building and Post Office is often utilized by local photographers for prom, wedding, and engagement photos. The columns, wrought iron lamps, marble stairs, and stylized architecture makes for very interesting backgrounds.

The Ivy Wall is another local photographer hot spot lending itself to some really nice portrait photos. Located next to The Edge Music Venue, there is lots of room to move in props and other items if the mood hits you.

The Greenbelt Walking Trail is a great spot for wilderness photos, not to mention that it passes by many of the aforementioned sites along the way. The Powell River follows it for the most part offering even more great opportunities for nature photos at it’s finest.

If you are in the area, you must stop by the Powell Valley Scenic Overlook. You can see the entire Valley that houses Big Stone Gap. Some of the most breathtaking photos have been taken here thanks to the sunrise and sunset that paint the valley with every color under the rainbow.

Do you think you can get one of each of the photos on our tour? I hope so, let us know if you do! Happy Hunting!


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