If you are looking for Food Truck or Retail Vendor forms/permits/license for Big Stone Gap, you will find them here. Please refer to the FAQ for any questions.
We truly want this process to be as easy and simple as possible for you. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Ked Meade, Director of Tourism & Economic Development for immediate assistance at (276) 212-1008. 


Peddler’s License Application – Required to do business within town limits of Big Stone Gap. There is no background check required on this application for Food Trucks or stationary retail vendors, so only the $30 for the actual permit is required. 

Vendor Application – Required to secure spot and attend Town of Big Stone Gap events. (Must have received an invite from Director of Tourism)

Peddler’s Meals Tax Form – You will submit this to The Town of Big Stone Gap at the end of your event day. 


1. NO BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIRED! Any vendor who does not have a brick & mortar shop within the corporate limits
of Big Stone Gap MUST purchase a Peddlers License in order to operate at any
event, whether sponsored by the Town or a local business/organization.
The fee for the initial Peddlers License application is $30 for a calendar year. Subsequent annual renewals required.

2. As part of the application process a representative of the business applying for
the Peddlers License must provide a valid photo id and a valid social security

3. The permit can be issued same day!

4. ALL FOOD VENDORS will be required to complete the Meals Tax form and remit
payment for said tax prior to leaving the event.

a) A Town Representative will visit each vendor to collect this information and payment
at the close of any Town sponsored event.

b) For any event sponsored by a local business/organization the food vendor is still
required to report and pay all Meals Taxes prior to departure from the event. If no
Town or local/business representative comes by to collect the form and payment the
vendor may place the report with payment in the drop box located outside of the
Town Hall at 505 E 5th Street S, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219.

5 A setup fee may charged by the event organizer for each event a vendor
participates in.