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Outdoor enthusiasts love visiting Big Stone Gap, an area of breathtakingly stunning scenery and incomparable mountain beauty.

The Powell River and it’s tributaries are teaming with fish just waiting for an avid fisherman to catch. Stretching from Appalachia, passing through Big Stone Gap, and on down to Pennington Gap, there is always a good fishing spot to find. Some of the best fishing spots can be found along The Greenbelt Walking & Bike Trail, A.K. Fraley ParkBullitt ParkFrog Level ParkJessie Lea RV Park & Campground, and Carnes Park. With so many tributaries, streams, and ponds all over Big Stone Gap, you may just have to explore to find the best fishing holes for yourself.

The Big Cherry Reservoir is a 2,200-acre park in Big Stone Gap that features a 250-acre lake that is a fisherman’s paradise. Accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle only, Big Cherry features a variety of fish, including bass, trout, and Muskie. Big Cherry Lake is also a great place for boating, including canoeing, kayaking. Big Bore Outfitters specializes in hunting and fishing equipment for the avid outdoorsman. You can find Live Bait at Hard Rock Outdoors.


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